Announcing BEDLAM II

Earlier this year I joined a quintet of the top legal marketers in the country to put on The Best Damn Legal Marketing Conference (BEDLAM) in Nashville. Attendees were exposed to an irreverent, honest, expert, behind the scenes look into the tactics these agencies use to drive business to their clients as well as dirty agency tricks pulled on the legal community. The content was so good, we were threatened legally by another legal marketing agency. In order to be the best, we did things differently:

  • There was an application process and market exclusivity and we only shared tactics with two firms in any given market (practice area + geography). We also turned away a few firms with a history of abusing vendors and/or not paying their bills and ended up turning away about 10% of the prospective attendees.
  • No Vendors – no one likes going to a conference with thinly veiled pay-to-pitch sessions.
  • There were no sacred cows and we talked frankly about the many systemic technical ways other agencies take advantage of their clients by confusing lexicon, obfuscating reporting and denying access.
  • We didn’t distribute presentations and attendees couldn’t photograph or otherwise record the slides.

So back by popular demand, Mockingbird is joining AttorneySync, Juris Digital, GNGF, and Nifty Law to bring you BEDLAM II, held at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, April 1-3.  A few notes:

  • As I mentioned at the end of the conference in Nashville – if you’ve already been, I discourage you from attending this followup as much of the content will be very similar.
  • We’ve expanded this from 2 to 3 days so attendees have more time to digest the information.
  • We’ve added hands on workshops and 1:1 training.
  • No Vendors (kind of)…. we’ve invited a short list of market exclusive vendors who all five agencies universally endorse (think CallRail, WPEngine etc.) to attend as our guest…. and still no pay-for-pitching.

Use EARLYBIRD2020 for $200 off the registration fee through the end of December.