3 Things to Remember When Leaving Your Digital Marketing Agency

Splitting with your marketing agency is rarely a mutual decision with warm feelings all around. More often it involves pulling teeth and giving up access to your analytics and domain name. Many digital marketing firms take pride in making it difficult for you to move on, and the best way to fight back is by making sure you know what to fight for after your break up.


1. Protect Your Customer Information

If your marketing agency had control over your call tracking programs and/or access to your direct messaging ads they have access to your clients. They can use those client lists against you by leading potential customers away from your firm and maybe even towards your competitors. To avoid this, you need to ensure that you either maintain control over all your customer information or see that any programs that collect information are terminated.


2. Check Your Website Access

A lot of digital marketing companies that provide website building services will make sure that they own every domain they build. That means that if they build your website and you fire them later, they will keep your website. You will be left to build another or buy it from them. The best way to avoid this is to make sure you own your domain prior to signing a contract, or by working with an organization that ensures that you own your website.


3. Review Cancellation Penalties

Always review your contracts before firing your agency. It’s not unusual for there to be penalties for canceling your plan, and those penalties can be costly. Unfortunately, long-term contracts can prove to be more costly. It can seem like there’s no easy escape, but making your grievances public can certainly help your case. 


Digital marketing agencies often aim to make their profit by trapping their clients in contracts and hiding their spendings. Mockingbird works to provide full transparency and ownership to our clients, and never traps them in unnecessary long-term contracts. We have helped law firms escape predatory firms for our entire career, and know how to best do our job. 


If you have been used by your marketing agency, contact Mockingbird. We will help you build your brand organically and protect your assets.