On Design . . . and the new Mockingbird Logo

I’m aesthetically challenged.  I’m intimidated by art museums and can’t draw much more than stick figures.

But, I know good design when I see it. In fact most people do.  And there’s a commonality in the understanding of good design that is impossible to explain.  Its that snap judgement explained in the book Blink that typifies the iPhone, timberframe houses, Cervelo triathlon bikes, Eames furniture and the Tesla.  Like porn, you can’t define it but you know it when you see it.

For a while, I’ve wanted to add a splash of color to our otherwise dull logo (we call her birdie). I asked our crack design lead to spend 10 minutes redesigning the logo with an orange highlight color and then asked our entire team to individually rank the results.  Every single one of us came up with the same answer.

We’ve done nothing to change the logo other than include that color.  Which one would you pick?


You’ll soon see the end result on the site.


  1. Alex says

    Scratch that. Right Column, 2nd Logo. It brings focus to your brand, Mockingbird. The Black lettering is more professional and appropriate for your demographic.

  2. says

    I like right column, 2nd from top.

    Personal opinion outside of the requested: not sure of the line width underneath Mockingbird. Feels weird, as its size makes it more noticable than the text. Might kern the text below wider and increase the line width.