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Mobile Day 6

Google Mobile Penalty Study Day 6 – Mobile sites up 5%

So we’re almost a full week into the hype of the Google Mobile Penalty Roll-Out and…. maybe, just maybe, we are seeing some logical results.   Aggregating data across the 59 sites in the study – we’re now seeing natural search traffic from devices for mobile optimized sites up by 5% while non mobile sites… Keep Reading


LMQ #9: How Do We Handle Our Google+ Listing When Moving?

What steps should a law firm take when moving office locations? When should needed listing changes be made? What are the updating priorities regarding website, Google, major data aggregators, and niche directories?


LMQ #8: What Is A Google Practitioner Listing?

What is a Goolge+ Practitioner listing and how is it different for a practitioner compared to a business? Joy explains some of the confusion behind Google Practitioner listings, especially for attorneys. What makes someone eligible to have this type of listing? Should a firm have more than one?

Legal Market Exclusivity

Note: even if your city is listed, it’s likely that our client does not compete within your practice area, so there may not be a conflict.

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