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LMQ #3: Pay-Per-Click Budgets

Conrad Saam explains Pay-Per-Click budgeting and explains tools like, which you can use to find out what your competitors are spending on PPC.

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LMQ #2: Does Pay-Per-Click Advertising Work?

Does PPC work? How does PPC work? Conrad Saam explains the ins and outs of PPC advertising using business and econ terms.

LinkedIn Publisher

LMQ #1: Reposting With LinkedIn Publisher

What are the implications of re-posting a blog post from your site using the Linkedin Publishing Platform? Could your site suffer from search engines indexing duplicate content? Conrad Saam explains in this “Legal Marketing Questions” video.

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Update on Google’s Upcoming Mobile Penalty

By now, you should be well aware that April 21st is the date The Google has telegraphed for the roll-out of their upcoming Mobile penalty for non-mobile friendly sites.  (If you need to catch up, start here.) Representatives from The Google recently disclosed the following information about the upcoming changes: The change will roll out over a… Keep Reading

Legal Market Exclusivity

Note: even if your city is listed, it’s likely that our client does not compete within your practice area, so there may not be a conflict.

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