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The Snack Pack – A Follow Up

Earlier this month, Google shook up search results by creating what is now being referred to as the local “snack pack” (you can read the Mockingbird coverage of the changes here). And no, for those of you reading this before lunch, unfortunately this is not Google’s way of announcing they will now be delivering pudding…. Keep Reading

A 5-star average can drop to a 3-star average with 1 bad review.

Online Reputation Management: Dealing with Bad Reviews

We previously wrote about how to build up good reviews for your firm or practice. If you’re on this page and you haven’t read that post, take a moment to do so. It sets the backdrop for the information here. Unhappy customers are a part every practice area, and you can get negative reviews even if… Keep Reading

Analytics Graphs

A Lesson on Understanding Your Website Data

Switching from one marketing agency to another probably feels a lot like trying to cancel your Comcast contract. However, it’s not only hard on the business looking for a new agency, it’s hard on us too. Taking over a client means taking over all of their baggage (good and bad). Don’t be mistaken; we love… Keep Reading

Speed Matters

Site Speed Matters – So how do you test it?

Site speed is important. Your website speed can influence site traffic and more importantly – conversions. If your site takes 5-10 seconds to load on a desktop with a high speed internet connection, it’s going to take even longer to load on a mobile network. This is not a good user experience and can cause visitors (potential… Keep Reading

Legal Market Exclusivity

Note: even if your city is listed, it’s likely that our client does not compete within your practice area, so there may not be a conflict.

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