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Portlandia Put a Bird on It

Put a Bird on It: Making Your Legal Imagery Soar

Put a bird on it. There is a reason that this phrase from the quirky Portland-based show has stuck around — well there are two reasons: By placing a bird image on clothing, bags, and otherwise utilitarian items, they became elevated to art, perceived as inviting and worth more. Short lesson: images matter. A once… Keep Reading


7 Signs Your SEO Agency Might be Less Than Legit

Picture yourself in this situation: You hire an SEO agency and suddenly your website appears for every conceivable keyword. Traffic skyrockets. You hire a new receptionist just to handle the call volume. You clink champagne glasses with your team to celebrate your great success. Life is good. Then, all of a sudden, traffic plummets. Your website drops from the… Keep Reading

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Online Reputation Management: How to do Reviews

Reputation management is yet another candidate in a long list of considerations you need to take into account when managing your online presence. In addition to proactively keeping your citations correct, building links, posting fresh content, structuring your site, and on and on, it can be tiring to know there’s one more thing that threatens… Keep Reading


Case Study: How To Do Social For Lawyers

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it 1,000 times: social media doesn’t work in legal. (Seriously – we’ve said it here, and here, and here, and we have a running office joke that we’re going to fix all of our client’s problems by curating Pinterest boards.) What follows is a tale of extraordinary social… Keep Reading

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