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Squarespace vs WordPress for your Law Firm Website

Although it’s been around for a while, we’ve been hearing more and more about Squarespace lately. While it could be a great option for a portfolio or personal website, the real question is: can you use Squarespace for a law firm website? Pros of Using Squarespace Low cost – Squarespace websites run between $8 and $18… Keep Reading

SEO Consultant Balderdash Translator

How to Sound Like an SEO Expert (without really knowing anything)

So, this post comes courtesy of a phone call I had yesterday with a prospective client.  It started out like many: I’m not sure what I actually get for my monthly SEO retainer. A little investigation and I found a huge mess….. which in turn led to a Facebook missive: That awkward moment when you have… Keep Reading


How Our ex-Client Made $1,500,000 by Firing Us

Just got a call from an ex client…. who brought in a whopping $1.5 million dollar case because he left us.  He wasn’t calling to gloat, but instead to say thank you…. you see I had been telling him to leave us for months.  Here’s why: The firm in question is a mid sized, very… Keep Reading

mobile phone google update part 2

MobileAgeddon  – Mobilegeddon Happening Again?

Last week, Google posted an update to their Webmaster Central Blog announcing a mobile algorithm update rolling out in May of this year. The update is said to increase the effect of the mobile-friendly ranking signal in order to “help users find even more pages that are relevant and mobile-friendly.” Google goes on to explain… Keep Reading

Legal Market Exclusivity

Note: even if your city is listed, it’s likely that our client does not compete within your practice area, so there may not be a conflict.

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