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LMQ #5: Why Does Website Speed Matter?

Conrad Saam explains the importance of site speed and how it impacts search results. He provides tools you can use to diagnose your website speed and how to improve it.


LMQ #4: A Top SEO Mistake – H1 Problems

H1 tags (also referred to as Heading 1 or main title) for web pages are very important. Custom websites are often coded incorrectly and do not utilize H1’s correctly. Conrad Saam explains the importance of H1’s and how to see if your website has an H1 problem.

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LMQ #3: Pay-Per-Click Budgets

Conrad Saam explains Pay-Per-Click budgeting and explains tools like, which you can use to find out what your competitors are spending on PPC.

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LMQ #2: Does Pay-Per-Click Advertising Work?

Does PPC work? How does PPC work? Conrad Saam explains the ins and outs of PPC advertising using business and econ terms.

Legal Market Exclusivity

Note: even if your city is listed, it’s likely that our client does not compete within your practice area, so there may not be a conflict.

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