PPC for Lawyers

Pay per click marketing done well can deliver a steady stream of profitable clients to your firm. Done incorrectly it can be a massive money pit. Running PPC campaigns profitably requires an understanding of the economics of the open bidding marketplace, a sophisticated tracking system, a depth of experience specifically within the legal industry, and a rudimentary understanding of pre-algebra.

The Economics of PPC

Pay per click is one of the few products with negative economies of scale – essentially the more traffic purchased, the greater the cost per unit. This makes it unlike almost everything else – from sugar to cell phone service to legal services – where the more you buy, the lower the per unit cost. At a very low volume, PPC can have very high ROI. Conversely, the greater the volume, the higher the cost per click and therefore the lower the ROI.

Sophisticated Tracking

All of our PPC campaigns utilize sophisticated tracking technology to calculate key business metrics:  cost per visitor, cost per prospect (phone call), cost per lead (a qualified prospect) and ultimately cost per signed contract.  This facilitates data based conversations about ROI and the resulting appropriate level of spend.

Experience in Legal PPC

We’ve managed millions of dollars in pay per click spend.  We know what works and what doesn’t; we know which ads resonate and which ads fall flat. We apply this experience to deliver you an optimized campaign on day one.

Ongoing Optimization Testing

Mockingbird Marketing provides hands on management to PPC campaigns with a scientific approach to ongoing optimization and testing of campaigns.  Over time, as we (and you) get smarter and smarter about what works and what doesn’t work, PPC will generate more and more in-bound inquiries at a lower cost.