Mockingbird Process

Every law firm’s online profile is unique, so we begin each engagement with a 1,187 point audit to identify opportunities to improve your performance. The audit creates a tactical list customized for your firm and prioritized to generate the most prospective clients at the lowest cost. Over the following months, we execute on those tactics. Every three months we reprioritize the tactical list to align your site’s growth to changes in technology and the marketplace.

Website traffic for law firms fluctuates on a predictable weekly cycle (instead of months). As such, we focus our tactical execution, reporting and billing on 13 four-week Periods across the year.

Online marketing is an increasingly multifaceted discipline. It requires state of the art mastery of technology, business acumen and a timely intimacy with fickle search algorithms. We are most effective when we handle all facets of your marketing – from rewriting content to implementing canonical tags to advertisement design to managing erroneous directory listings and PPC bid management. Our primary value is prioritizing across tactics – identifying those that will most cost effectively drive traffic to your site.

In general, our tactics fall into one of the following four buckets (in order of priority):

  • Super Fixes: One time changes to your site that create large and persistent improvement. These fixes are usually technical and often relate to an outdated platform. Example: switching website hosts.
  • Growth: Improvements that generate a slow but steady increase in performance. This is the primary focus of a well-run SEO campaign. It’s also the hardest. Example: linkbuilding.
  • Evergreen: Tactics that create a small, yet persistent benefit. Example: developing and improving on website content.
  • Tap: Activities that give an immediate boost; however once you stop investing, they immediately stop delivering value. Example: PPC advertising.