Success in Hyper-Competitive Legal Markets

Some legal markets are so viciously competitive they require a sophisticated, creative and experimental approach to successful marketing.

What Defines a Hypercompetitive Market?

Hypercompetitive markets typically involve high payout, lower volume practices.  Think Personal Injury in almost every city, Criminal Defense, and nationwide mass torts such as Transvaginal Mesh and mesothelioma. There’s also a geographic concentration element – more lawyers fighting over more clients in larger cities.  Some geographic markets are especially brutal – Houston, for some reason, is arguably America’s most viciously competitive legal marketing city.

SEO in Hypercompetitive Markets

Due to the effectiveness of SEO and the corresponding willingness by firms in hypercompetitive markets to investment in search marketing, hypercompetitive markets often are typified by a rotating parade of various black hat tactics.  Breaking in through a white hat approach takes a long time and continuous investment – and gains may disappear periodically as new black hat tactics are rolled out by competitors.

Success in Hypercompetitive Markets

Hypercompetitive markets require a multi-channel approach to marketing, combined with rock solid reporting infrastructure that follows business through the entire channel. Hidden secrets don’t stay hidden for long – so expect ROI to be moderate for most paid marketing channels. If you don’t know how much your clients cost, you’ll soon find yourself working for someone who does.  SEO in these markets requires a commitment to a large ongoing investment.  Successful firms proactively seek out new marketing channels to test and constantly evaluate the financial efficacy of their current ones.