Smart Lawyers know “conflict of interest” applies to agencies as well as lawyers. They jealously guard their marketing intelligence and ensure their vendors and agencies do the same. They would never work with an agency who also serves their competitor across the street. 

Online marketing is a quantitative endeavor. Ownership and control of that data is increasingly a competitive advantage deployed by agencies 

This is particularly true for agencies and vendors that incorporate conversion data into their engagement – which includes dynamic call tracking, chat vendors and form fills. Exposing the marketing tactics which results in these conversion points to competitors fully exposes the law firm’s tactics and even costs to competitors. Why would a law firm share their most effective SEO landing pages, unique Local Search niche’s, or PPC bidding strategies, to the firm across the street?

Smart lawyers eschew big-box marketing providers that can employee Data Scientists to cross analyze all of this marketing data into a system optimized for the benefit of the agency and not their individual clients. This includes big box providers like FindLaw and Scorpion who serve thousands of masters. The other big player is the Internet Brands keiretsu which includes Martindale Hubbell, Avvo, Total Attorneys, Ngage Live Chat, Captorra,, and Nolo.   

Most insidiously, these large organizations can use law firm cost per client data to adjust their own pricing to their own clients – squeezing as much value from the legal industry as they possibly can – enriching their pockets, not their clients.  

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