LMQ #11: Why Doesn’t Yelp Encourage Reviews?

As a review site, why does it seem that Yelp discourages reviewing? What does Yelp consider legitimate engagement? How do they encourage legitimate engagement over forced/reviewing solicitation?

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One Response to “LMQ #11: Why Doesn’t Yelp Encourage Reviews?”

  1. It’s a somewhat interesting problem. Unhappy people seem much more likely to leave negative reviews. Happy clients (customers) aren’t rushing to sites like Yelp to sing the praises of their lawyers. While Yelp’s position might make sense for say, a restarurant, for legal services, it doesn’t quite fit. Further, with more legal-specific review sites gaining traction + SERP visibility (i.e. FindLaw, Avvo, etc) it makes it hard to justify Yelp as a top place to send happy clients. Finally, there’s Google My Business. No doubt that Yelp has a large, healthy passionate community of users. Seems that they have an uphill battle in encouraging lawyers and legal services consumers to prioritize it.