What is Click Fraud?

You’re paying for every time anyone clicks on your ad with PPC. This opens the door for black-hat attacks that can use to make you pay for hundreds to thousands of useless clicks. This burns through your budget quickly, opening up the market for your competitors and shredding your wallet. By failing to invest in click fraud protection you are actively throwing your money away.

What is Click Fraud Protection?

You can implement click fraud protection in a number of ways, from blocking certain IPs to installing special software. Google Ads has some of the best existing protection on the digital ad market, but that doesn’t mean it blocks everything. 

Your competition determines what forms of protection are best for your firm. While you can do some in-house, such as reviewing and identifying predatory IPs,  those methods take time, experience, and an understanding of how PPC and web traffic work. Luckily, Mockingbird has all that.

How Can Mockingbird Help?

Mockingbird understands the problems click fraud can cause. This is why we install click fraud protection software on all of our ad campaigns.  We use PPC Protect, an around the clock service that stands in between fraudsters and your ads, ensuring they’re safe from bots, hackers, competitors, and any other malicious users. Mockingbird will ensure PPC Protect is active on all your ad campaigns, saving you time and money.

If you are worried that you are being taken advantage of through your ads, contact Mockingbird. We know the challenges that come with running a PPC campaign for a law firm and will help you to avoid any pitfalls.