3 Things a Customer Should See When They Land on Your Site

The journey from initial search to conversion is often a long and winding one. It starts with intent, wanders through research, and eventually lands on a conversion. Your website needs to be there every step of the way and needs to show a consumer what they want to see in a law firm.


Ideally, the largest impression you want to make will happen while the consumer is in their research phase. If you can convince them that your firm is the most knowledgeable before they even begin shopping around you already have the upper hand. The best way to do this is by having properly set up landing pages.


A properly set up landing page should have three key elements, regardless of the content:


1. The name of your firm

    • The consumer should never visit your site and not know what site they are visiting. This leads to distrust and bad impressions. Not only will telling the consumer who you are early on help them to trust your site, but it will also help them remember the name of your firm.


2. Contact details

    • Having prominent contact details is like having a well-lit exit sign: just because a person doesn’t plan on using it doesn’t mean it isn’t comforting to see. By having contact details, you are showing that you have accountability and aren’t just blogging from an undisclosed location, luring unsuspecting passersby into your website to steal their cookies like some unholy child of cookie monster and a bridge troll. 


3. Easy navigation 

    • Easy navigation is more of a benefit to your website than to the consumer’s feeling of easy, but it is a good indicator of the latter. Having pages with internal linking and a user-friendly interface will encourage consumers to explore your website beyond their landing page. If the consumers are utilizing these features, you know that your website is well set-up for conversions. Good examples of intuitive navigation are well-designed menus, comprehensible H1s and H2s, and up to date plugins to ensure site-speeds remain high. 


These features are important for any website but are useless if the content on your landing pages is low quality. A meal is improved by being plated nicely, but all the nice plating in the world can’t save a bad meal. 

If you think your website needs to be improved, updates, or maintained, contact Mockingbird. We are experts in ensuring lawyers are never left with a mediocre website.