Know What your Agency is Doing: Buying Links

New client just forwarded me the breakup email exchange from her previous agency.

We pay for links monthly.

Know what your agency is doing. The reason the firm reached out to us, was because, despite all the money they had invested, search traffic hadn’t changed.  And then we go and find out that their agency has been torpedoing SEO efforts through an unsophisticated link purchasing scheme.  Now the client is going to need to pay me an extensive sum to undo the efforts of their previous firm – just to get them back to a reasonable starting point. We call this Janitorial SEO – the cleaning up of the messes of others.  It’s expensive and unnecessary.

If you don’t know what your agency is doing for you – it’s reasonable to assume they are buying links, torching your site and you are in for a huge headache (and invoice) down the road.