Senior Digital Strategist

This position is filled. Please check our careers page for current openings. 

The Senior Digital Strategist works with aggressively growing law firms on digital strategies and tactical execution of various online marketing channels to drive new business for them. Ultimately, you will serve as the primary Strategist for 8-12 law firms – optimizing their marketing across a variety of channels. You combine business acumen with experienced technical marketing.

You have a VP of Marketing mindset to define and prioritize digital marketing strategies based on data. You over-communicate progress and have the gravitas imbued by experience to make Mockingbird clients know they are in great hands.

Ideal Candidate

You are an exceptional, proactive communicator who can gain the confidence of a demanding and intense clientele. You are analytical, well versed in search, have hands-on experience with third-party tools, and know the intricate details of online marketing. You work with our internal teams to execute tactics on time, on budget while keeping clients fully appraised of progress. You manage timelines, schedules, vendors, and most importantly, client relationships. You are a master of organization and proactive communication and work within our process to operate efficiently. You understand the importance of business metrics and don’t get blinded by impressions and click-through rates.

You are evaluated (and therefore bonused) on your ability to drive more business for your client list.


Candidates have a minimum of 8 years of experience running SEO or Online Advertising.

• Seattle (or NYC) Area very strongly preferred.
• Experienced: A minimum of five years tactical hands-on experience with SEO, Local Search, or online advertising.
• Business Acumen – Mockingbird clients rely on their Strategist for the direction of their Online Marketing Strategy.
• Proactive Communicator – exceptional, communication that generates confidence among our clients. You translate digital marketing precepts into key business metrics.
• Organized Perfectionist: Pedantically organized to manage multiple tasks for ten clients without ever dropping the ball. Someone who won’t let anything out of the office without a spit-shine polish on it.
• Impeccable Customer Skills: This is a personality trait that can be nurtured, but if the underlying mentality isn’t there it’s never going to happen. Experience in an agency (or selling shoes at Nordstrom) may help.
• Technical: We remove every technical headache (from setting up hosting to upgrading WordPress) from our clients’ realm. Applicants must know the difference between a CNAME a canonical tag and a carrot.
• Analytical – we rely on data to drive our decisions, priorities, and tactics for our clients and ourselves. You have experience not just crunching data but reading the story it tells.
• Degree Required, MBA preferred, although an inquisitive mind coupled with deep hands-on experience is the best business classroom.
• Experience with Hubspot a strong plus.
• Strategic pontificators, black hat acolytes, and corporate cogs need not apply.

Compensation is driven by the depth of experience across the following: online marketing leadership, the legal industry, strategic consulting, and database-driven marketing.

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