Sales Development Representative

This position is filled. Please check our careers page for current openings. 

Key Roles and Responsibilities

Mockingbird is looking for a consultative and tenacious Sales Development Representative to respond to inbound prospects and escort them through our sales process, weeding out the bad apples and eventually turning the right prospects into long term clients. The SDR works extremely closely with Mockingbird’s President in landing desirable legal clients for the agency.

Key Functions geared towards responding to a large volume of inbound inquiries.

    • Respond to inbound inquiries – set meetings, work with Mockingbird’s President to evaluate law firms’ existing marketing tactics and recommend a customized go-forward marketing strategy.
    • The SDR writes and assists in presenting proposals and handhold prospects through contracting.  
    • Secure and deliver speaking events at various industry (Bar Associations and others) conferences.  Target 50 total events annually – in-person and virtual.  
    • Follow up with dated inquiries to reignite interest from legacy prospects.  
    • Work with Mockingbird AE’s to solicit referrals from current clients.
    • Effectively partner and work across the agency to ensure clear expectations between the client, Sales, and the Mockingbird account team.  
    • Hold intelligent and engaging conversations over the phone and email
    • Outreach to bar associations and other organizations to pitch and schedule speaking engagements.  
    • Become a subject matter expert on Mockingbird’s products and philosophy over time.
    • Refine and define processes to improve overall sales strategy and execution.
    • Support marketing efforts.  

Ideal Candidate

You have impeccable communication skills with an unmistakable passion for growing businesses through an honest and ethical consultative manner. You don’t sell at all costs and recommend alternatives when the prospect may not be a good fit for us. You thrive by networking and presenting effective marketing and advertising solutions to prospects. Status quo is never enough and you pursue opportunity and growth individually as well as for the entire team you work with. To describe you as an ambitious, organized, perfectionist would be an understatement. 

    • Tact –the difference between proactive and annoying is a fine line and different for every person. You adjust your style according to each individual.
    • Business Centric – marketing is an investment, not a cost. You understand the nuanced difference.  You might hold an undergraduate degree in econ or business.  
    • Experienced – Medium experience with SEO/PPC/Websites and/or the legal industry.
    • Communicator – Strong and professional communication skills – written, verbal, presentation
    • Thick Skin – also known as persistence – you’ll be dealing with the gatekeepers of busy attorneys who frankly hold search online marketing salespeople in very low regard.
    • Organized Perfectionist: Fastidiously organized, grammatically superlative and pedantically detail-oriented.
    • Impeccable Customer Skills: This is a personality trait that can be nurtured, but if the underlying mentality isn’t there it’s never going to happen. Great parents or experience selling shoes at Nordstrom may help.
    • Promotes a strong sense of urgency for reaching goals and key deliverables. Acts without being told what to do.
    • Strong desire to compete and win.
    • Diligently work within Nutshell, our CRM, to stay current on leads and follow-ups.


Total compensation for this role includes a base salary, profit share (at the MM level) and Success Bonuses.  Base Salary: $45,000 with total compensation possibilities over $60,000.    

    • Base Salary:  $45,000
    • Success Bonuses
      • Quarterly Bonuses based on hitting specific performance metrics at $3K/quarter. 
      • SDR  participates in the profit share pool at the MM level – projected this year to be roughly $2,500.
    • Payment Cadence
      • Profit Share and Success Bonus payments are made quarterly.

About Mockingbird Marketing

Mockingbird’s strong brand recognition in the industry generates roughly 25-40 inquiries monthly and we are looking to roughly double that rate.  We grew roughly 50% from 2018 to 2019; this role is responsible for maintaining that trajectory during 2020. We are a team of 13 dedicated, dog-friendly, socially conscious tech-nerds based in Seattle’s Pioneer Square district. 

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