How Law Firms Can Attract New Clients Using Video Marketing

Video Transcript: How Law Firms Can Attract New Clients Using Video Marketing

Hi, my name is Tim Sherrill; I’m an account manager at Mockingbird Marketing. Today I wanted to talk to you about shooting video and why it’s crucial for your law practice, and how it’s an opportunity for people to get to know you before they’ve had a chance to speak to you in person.


Video marketing makes Yourself approachable & Relatable

The reason why this video is shot on location at Sahale Glacier, at the North Cascades National Park, it is often useful to share your interests.

As people, we’re attracted to others with similar interests, and you don’t need to be as casual as I am in this video.

You can utilize b-roll footage of working with clients at the office and film yourself in more relaxed attire.

This way, you’re both professional and approachable, providing those watching your videos the opportunity to pierce the veil.


Starting your relationship early through videos builds trust

It’s essential to build the relationship early. That’s is another strong reason to have yourself on video, on your website. It establishes that trust at the onset.

We are giving people that opportunity to get to know you. How you speak, your body language. These are all fundamental social ques that we all deal with daily as human beings, as social beings.

You are taking this a step further by putting yourself out there on video sets this relationship in motion.


Stronger relationships with clients generate referrals

It’s important to consider the lifetime value of these relationships in what they bring in return. These positive experiences create stories about you, that another person might find relatable seeing you through your client’s perspective.

Now it’s more than just your story told through your eyes.

Again, remember that lifetime value your clients’ have for you and your practice. As your relationship progresses with them, and that trust builds.

Once their case is done and finished, we all know that referral is the best marketing form.


It’s Easier Than You Think to start creating videos

All You Need Is:

  • Your Mobile Phone:
    Shoot at 4K if you can, or 1080P is fine
    Manual Focus – autofocus can get jumpy if you lean in or using hand gestures
  • A Small Tripod:
    Joby GorillaPod Tripod works best; they have varying sizes – I linked to the all-in-one version
    You can prop this on books to increase your Camera’s height on your desk or wrap the legs around a pole.
  • External Microphone:
    A Lavalier microphone is preferred – Better audio in, better out in post-production.
    Rode’s smartLav+ is a great tool, with the extension cord accessory.


I’ve created a helpful template for people who are getting into making videos, and it’s easier than you think to get started. Especially with our mobile phones these days.

Right now, I’m shooting on my Samsung at 4K resolution.

I’m using an external lens, a Moment 18mm wide-angle lens, to combat the cropping that occurs when shooting videos.

You don’t have to be as fancy as me, but you want to be using an external microphone because your mobile device’s microphone quality isn’t good enough. Especially in these windy conditions, I’m in; there’s a reason why I have a lavalier mic right here(pointing at the mic attached to my vest).

A small tripod is useful too, and there are different mobile phone mounts you can use for your phone.

To get the approximate elevation you want in your Camera, you want to look your Camera in the eye. It’s best practice not to have an upward look at yourself because people are then looking up underneath your chin.


Good natural/artificial direct light on yourself is crucial

Another thing to do as well is lighting. I chose this time to shoot my video because we have a decent overcast sky right now. The sun isn’t too harsh on me, with good direct lighting without creating harsh cast shadows.

You don’t want to look like a villain, and if you have harsh shadows going on, that’s how you’re going to come off, unfortunately.

  • Lighting Tips:
    Natural lighting is best if you can swing it. Otherwise, a ring light & light stands can be purchased reasonably cheap to create your own artificial lighting.
    Tip: If not using an LED, be consistent with the temperature of the bulbs you’re using.
    Keep your light even & eye level or slightly below to avoid harsh shadows


Template for Creating Videos for Your Law Practice

The extra things I’ve done too with this post, I’ve not only put together my thoughts and experiences from video and the tools I use. I’ve found other resources on the web I find useful as well to explore.

There are different ways of creating video, and my way shouldn’t be the only way, even though the Mockingbird way is a pretty sweet way to go!

Script vs. Bullet Points:

  • You’re an expert orator, I recommend using bullet points to keep yourself from straying too off-topic.
    • A technique is to talk about each bullet separately, pausing between each and collecting yourself, then continuing to the next. No need to start and stop your Camera. Those pauses, awkward sneezes, curse words, etc all get edited out.
    • The goal is for you to be comfortable and yourself.
      • Sidebar: an editing technique is to zoom in or out every 5-10 seconds to retain the viewer’s attention. So pauses ums, & anything else extraneous can be edited out and combined with a zoom function, or jump-cut to maintain a seamless flow of the finished content.
      • If it helps, to physically talk to someone else when recording, have them positioned so when you face them, you’re still looking into the camera lens

Frame Your Shot:

  • Have a Head & Shoulders at Least
    • Full body shots have your face too far away from the Camera. It’s hard to maintain that conversational feel when standing in frame & it’s hard for people to see your eyes.

Avoid Harsh Lighting Angles:

  • If your lighting resembles that of every scene of a villain ever, then you need more even light. Shadowy figures and harsh shadows around your eyes & face are mysterious & untrustworthy.

Positioning the Camera to your eye-line:

  • It’s to keep your Camera approximately level or slightly below your eye-line. This way to the viewer your angle is more conversational.
    • If it’s easier to see your face while talking, feel free to use your selfie camera, be sure that it’s set to 4k video quality if possible because your selfie camera is not as good as your rear Camera.

Look at your camera lens:

  • Looking at your lens when speaking helps avoid an off-angle glance for viewers.

Position yourself with depth in the scene behind you:

Ensuring that you’re not close to a wall or large object.
When you’re too close to the wall, for example, the scene gets flattened & you’re now competing with the wall.

Removing Distractions & Clutter:

A clean space keeps the Focus on you, & be sure to do a quick scene check before you start recording

Learn From Other Video Creators:


I want you to know, here at Mockingbird, we like trying new things, and we’re looking forward to taking this adventure with you!


Still Not Convinced? Here are More Resources For Embracing Video:

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Video Reach Campaigns. While you definitely shouldn’t have third-party embedded videos on your website (it can significantly slow down site speeds by full seconds), you should consider video advertising or posting regular informational blogs on a company Youtube channel.

With Youtube’s updated video, reach campaigns managing multiple campaigns is easy and cost-effective. If you don’t want to manage video ads, a video channel will help build your online presence.