Google Update: Same-Day Data

Google announced Monday an improvement to website reports geared towards fast-paced webmasters. The update, same-day website data, is a response to the “user’s #1 feature request,” according to Google. 

The update will affect performance reports, allowing webmasters to view general statistics on their sites less than a day old. This means that weekend visitor statistics will be available Monday morning as opposed to Wednesday, as it was previously. Webmasters can even view same day statistics; especially useful for holidays or high-traffic days.

Access to these early numbers will help webmasters with website maintenance, international site audience numbers, and early analytics. To keep up with the more recent numbers, Google has also updated its time zone settings, making them clearly visible when choosing a statistical date range. This will help websites with international audiences more efficiently report their local as well as regional findings.

While the same-day website data will help to improve immediate performance reviews, Google stated in its announcement that the fresh data is not yet supported by The Search Analytics API or the Discover performance report. It should also be noted that data points will change and update before being finalized a few days after first being reported. 

These new changes will allow webmasters to update their websites and follow traffic more efficiently throughout the week, making quick fixes and analyses more effective than before.