How to Find Your Link Building BFF

Bad links are bad, mmkay?

Getting rid of spam and bad links to your site is a pain (we can help with that!), but avoiding bad links in the first place is always the best move. That’s why learning where to find the GOOD ones is truly key.

But where does one find these coveted “good links”?

Here at Mockingbird, much of what we do is quality link building to increase the authority of our clients’ sites. Having good links to your site helps establish your site as reputable, thus increasing your chances of showing up in organic search results.

We do this a variety of ways, and much of what we do is tailored to our client’s specific business, their content, and their goals. There is no one-size-fits-all method when it comes to link building. Don’t let some “link guru” sell tell you anything different.

In this post, I am going to help you find your link building buddy. Your new LBBFF, if you will.

In order to do that, you need to focus on two major components of link building: Creativity and Opportunity.

How to Think Creatively About Your Content

Before you pour your heart and soul into your content masterpiece, pause for a second to think about what it is that you want to accomplish, and what other sites would want to link to. A quick Google search can show you what topics are already being covered in your field, and expose gaps in knowledge that you may be able to fill.

Check out the sites and blogs of your competitors. Note things that they are doing well. Also note anything that may be missing. Are you finding yourself saying, “I really wish they wrote about this”? That could be your chance to cover an area of interest for your potential clients.

Be a Reliable Source of Information

Ultimately, the purpose of your site is to be a source of information for your current and future clients. Put yourself in their shoes. Are they able to find what they are looking for? Does your existing content leave questions unanswered? Writing content around the answers to those questions can be a great opportunity for quality content that will benefit your client, your site, and another site that may decide to link to you.

Don’t Be Boring

Sites do not want to link to boring content.

Most likely, the sites you’re trying to get links from are already working on their own link building strategy. What is going to get them to link to your content?

Sites in your field are more likely to link to your site if it offers valuable information to their clients. Convincing a site to link away from their site is not an easy demand, so your content must offer something unique, accurate, and valuable. Focus on addressing a topic that may be mutually beneficial to your site (link), your clients (information), and the other site (their clients find what they are looking for).


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How to Find the Right Link Opportunities

To be a leader in your field, you must formulate relationships with your clients, others in the industry, and even your competitors. Having a strong presence online and at networking events opens the door to many opportunities.

For example, maybe you find out that one of your previous clients has a website or blog. After some perusing, you find content that is related to your field. This could be a great opportunity to reach out to someone for a link back to your content, especially since you’ve had a positive relationship in the past. Someone who has already used your services is more likely to link back to you than a stranger.

Find Your Link Building BFF

Another idea may be to cultivate relationships with people and companies that do work related to your field, but who are not direct competitors. If you practice Employment Law, but you have a friend that sells work safety equipment, perhaps they would be willing to link to your content regarding workplace safety. Again, if you create quality content that appeals to the needs of the other site as well, they are more likely to link to you.

Finding your link building BFF is really about seeking out opportunities to engage with those that are doing work related to your practice or field. Every connection may be an open door to a new link building opportunity. Rather than seeing the link building process as tedious and competitive, instead try to think of way that you can create content that meets the needs of your clients and other sites you would like links from. Over time, you may formulate a reputation for being a great link building buddy. Overall, a friendly attitude goes a long way.

Link Building is an Ongoing Process

Quality link building is a continuous process of thinking creatively and seeking out opportunities. When it comes to creating content that will draw in links, always think quality over quantity. Move away from “quick SEO” tips like keyword-packing, and instead ask what your content provides for your current and future clients. By being a source of valuable information for your clients, you will likely draw links from other sites that find your content useful.

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