Creative Ways to Increase Positive Reviews

Getting clients to leave reviews is tough, so I’ve complied a list of some creative ways my clients have attempted to increase their positive review count. Below are five techniques clients have used to generate additional testimonials:

  1. Create a bound book of written reviews

    This particular firm receives a lot of hand-written thank you’s from their past clients and wanted to showcase them in their office for future clients to read. They also have their clients fill out a form during their final meeting, reviewing their experience with the attorney and paralegals.

  2. Use QR codes

    I recently had a law firm come to me with this idea. This is a great option for those who are asking for client reviews while the client is in the office. Creating QR codes is very simple, I used this tool. Simply choose the site you’d like to link the QR code to, and use the image wherever you’d like.

  3. Give advice on cases that don’t require legal help, ask for a review in exchange

    This was actually a really great idea that came from Conrad. A firm I work with gets a lot of phone calls from a page on their site that covers a practice area that doesn’t require legal representation. Instead of removing the page to stop the barrage of phone calls, he answers their questions and asks them to let him know how their case ends. After that, he asks for a review.

  4. Create an incentive program for employees

    If you have a lot of attorneys and paralegals who are responsible for getting reviews, this is a good option. Ask each employee to get 5 positive reviews every quarter. If they succeed they get an extra vacation day, a catered lunch, or a gift card.

  5. Use automated text messages

    This works better for case types that are more transactional. Companies like BirdEye and Gather Up (formerly Get Five Stars) are good options for this. Essentially, once the case has concluded, the client receives a text message asking to rate their experience.

Asking for reviews can feel intrusive to some, but it’s extremely important for SEO. If you and a competitor have very similar Google My Business profiles, the one with the most reviews will usually win out in local search results.

No matter your firm’s size, location, or practice area, choose a review strategy and stick with it!