Outsourced VP of Marketing

Isn’t it time your law firm had a Vice President of Marketing?

Your marketing spend is currently managed by one of your attorneys, or perhaps the front desk person who took an interest in the website.  The budget is enough to cover a full time attorney salary, yet you don’t know if the money is being spent wisely. You’ve tried lots of different marketing vendors but still can’t tell which ones are worth it.  You know there’s a better way to justify these decisions than the salesperson’s refrain: “if you get just one client, it will pay for itself . . .  ”

Atticus delivers a part time, lower cost VP of Marketing to maximize the return on your marketing investment.

Through the implementation of strict controls, we constantly monitor cost effectiveness across all of your paid marketing channels.  We develop the business metrics – cost per lead, cost per qualified lead and cost per contract – to hold your vendors accountable for their performance.  This data is used to shift your spend to most cost effective channels – delivering more clients at the same (or even reduced) spend.