Being Over Charged

Why Won’t FindLaw Install GA?

In which FindLaw makes me so mad I devolve into incoherent expletive laden babbling.

LMQ #16: What is the Google Snack Pack?

Conrad Saam discusses the recent changes to Google’s local results, now know as “The Snack Pack.” Some changes include: fewer results, the interface itself, phone numbers were removed (and have since been re-added), display, description content placement, and Google reviews focus.

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LMQ #15: How Can I Tell If My Legal Website Is Mobile Friendly?

In April of 2015, Google rolled out the penalty for websites that are not mobile friendly. So, how do you find out if your website is mobile friendly? What is the penalty for having pages that are not mobile friendly? Conrad Saam explains how to test your site and why it’s important.

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LMQ #13: Are Virtual Offices Spammy?

Conrad Saam answers a question from the crowd: can I make virtual offices work for me in terms of local SEO? How can I rank in local results if I am outside of the centroid of a city? Within Google guidelines, may I establish separate pages around my virtual office location? What has the Pigeon update done to affect the use of “fake” offices?

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