Case Study: New Website Launch


A volume focussed personal injury firm in Texas


The firm contacted Mockingbird with a very old, hard to navigate, simplistic website wanting an upgrade. The firm had been doing well in spite of their site and doing great business with a substantial referral network, but wanting to grow more quickly.


Texas firm website traffic increase after website launch

After working with the client to find a design that matched their brand and goals, we launched the new website in June. Traffic more than doubled the week after launch. This is a case in which upgrading a site away from an out-of-date platform virtually sets the site free to reach the potential it should have been reaching the entire time. Not only do outdated site elements frustrate and scare away users, they are also strong signals to search engines that the site will be a negative experience, preventing them from seeing the site in search results in the first place. The instant we launched the new site, search engines began to offer the site to users.

An item worth noting is that this firm had a substantial review profile in Google My Business, much more built out and positive than their competitors. Once the new site was launched the firm was able to leverage their review profile with a clean website to bolster traffic and conversions.