Case Study: Website Rebuild and Content Consolidation

Result: 279% increase in traffic.


  • Content Consolidation: $1,800 from monthly SEO retainer


Solo criminal defense attorney in Texas.


After traffic and leads had been relatively flat for some time, it became clear that an update was needed to the website platform, as well as trimming of a large number of pages that were bringing no traffic. We did a full rebuild of the website in late July 2018, moving it from an old theme to a new custom theme. With the rebuild we kept a focus on improving site speed, as the old version was laggy, as well as on updating the look of the website to make it more clean and modern. The goal of the latter focus being to improve upon the conversion rate of the site, which was lacking in the old version.

While building the new site, we did a deep dive into the blog content that was on the site at the time. We found that although the client had been posting content regularly for a long time, much of this content was receiving no traffic, even after living on the site for years. We assessed each blog post for quality and traffic. Pages of low quality and low traffic were removed from the site and redirected to the blog. Although it can be hard prune hard-earned content, having the data to tell you when to let something go is crucial.

Because we did both the site rebuild and content consolidation at the same time it’s hard to tell if one or the other had a stronger impact, but it’s clear to see that together the effect was strong.