Case Study: Content Strategy


Family Law Firm in a competitive market.


Small number of overall pages performing in organic search results.


We started by identifying which pages were successful in driving organic traffic and which pages didn’t get traction. The client’s previous content strategy had seen them accumulate a large number of blog pages, images, awards, and resources over the years. Then we were able to combine low performing page content with top-performing pages and prune the remaining low performing pages. Helping trim the total overall number of pages and allowing us to focus on the pages and content that are driving traffic and a true asset to the client’s business.

Our next focus was on evaluating the client’s sitemap, making sure the correct content is represented and it is configured properly. When crawling the sitemap we found the client had orphaned pages in the sitemap, not a great practice. These pages are not linked to from another section of the website, meaning a user or search engine crawler will not know where to navigate next to find information. Most of these pages were templated theme pages, for example, blog posts, and old practice area page content that was identified to be no longer in use, thus we were able to remove and redirect these pages.


A slight decrease occurred during the changes but started to rebound and show a steady increase in traffic since.

content strategy analytics



It is important to evaluate your content strategy occasionally to make sure it is helping drive the most value out of your marketing plan.