Case Study: Website Redesign (Choquette Law Firm)

The Result

Conversion rate has gone up 26%

Average page load time decreased 28%

The Investment

$23,500 Website Redesign

The Client

Choquette Law Group – Seattle, Washington Immigration Attorney

The Problem

Choquette Law Group’s website was extremely outdated and was hard to navigate on mobile. The overall brand felt stagnant and the firm’s value proposition wasn’t reflected clearly or effectively. It was time to grow Choquette Law Group and this firm needed a new design to accelerate the growth.

CHoquette's old website screenshot

The Solution


We dove into analytics and found data on his current users and website activity.

We did a market analysis of the local competitors.


Ran an inventory on current website content.

Establish what to keep and what to remove.

Work out user flow through content to help the user find what they need.

Re-structured site site map.


Create wireframes of user flows interacting with content.

Bring the wireframes to life with branded design.


Bring the new design to life on a custom built WordPress Solution.

QA and test the website from mobile to desktop. IE to Chrome.

CHoquette's new website screenshot

The Breakdown: Conversions

Graph of conversion rates

Conversion rate since launch of August 14th to Oct 31st.

The Breakdown: Conversion Details

Below are the conversions broken down since the website launch. Blue represents three months prior to launch while orange is three months after launch.

Choquette Total Conversions Screesnhot

Total Conversions

Choquette Form Fills Conversions

Form Fills

Choquette Phone Calls Conversions Screenshot

Phone Calls

Choquette Total Mobile Conversions

Mobile conversions up 55% overall

The Breakdown: Site Speed

Average site speed went from 4.06s to 2.9s. Almost 29% percent increase in site speed.

Choquette SIte Speed Graph