Bird Droppings: What’s happening with featured snippets? And reviews, the top local ranking factor.

Featured snippets are a prime SEO target. Quality content and a number of other factors can help get your content into a featured snippet like a question answer box at the top of SERP’s. The SERP’s are always changing and Google is trying to serve up the best possible content for it’s users. When you have an article in a featured snippet and suddenly that snippet is completely gone from the SERP’s – your traffic can dive drastically. Search Engine Land begs the question – Is the featured snippet bubble bursting?

We don’t believe the bubble is bursting and the tactics to rank for snippets are going to help you across the board anyways. Have you wondered how to rank in featured snippets? There may be a formula!

SEO Articles: Readability Ranks?

Search Engine Journal dives a little deeper into the most prominent local ranking factor (Reviews) from Local SEO Guide’s annual study.

Moz has written a “Next Level” guide on how to track the right keywords and locations for your business – focusing on geomodified searches and localized results. As local becomes more important, this kind of research can help guide your marketing tactics.

Another top 10 article! Weird right? Search Engine Land hosts the Local Search Associations Top 10 local search insights of 2017.

Is your content easy to digest? As the algorithms and robots get less “robotic”, the human elements become more important. Our favorite SEO plugin believes that Readability Ranks!

Legal related links:

If you’re considering spamming your way into the local listings or hiring someone who might, think twice about the implications and what that says about you as an attorney.

Fascinating thoughts about the future of lawyer search (or is it already here?)

Check out Chelsey Lamberts review of Mockingbird on Lextech -> toots horn!

As always, thanks for reading, and let us know if you have any fantastic new SEO resources or Legal Marketing articles.


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  1. I’m not really fond of what Yoast is suggesting there – it seems they’re saying we need to dumb down our content so Google voice search can pull out something brief and easy to understand when read aloud. I do think it’s important that Google voice search is able to do that, but I don’t think it should be left up to us to dumb down our content so that it can do it.