The Unseen Benefits of Building a New Website

It can be hard to build your website up from nothing, especially if you already had a website before. There are a number of reasons why you might have had to do so: rebranding, lost your previous domain, your last website was a train-wreck. Whatever your reason, a new domain is a great opportunity to establish your firm.


Google’s Honeymoon Period

One of the main benefits of a new domain is Google’s honeymoon period, where your website ranks well despite not having sufficient metrics that might have earned it. This allows a well-managed website to desperately grab and hang onto decent rankings early. 


The key takeaway from that should be “well-managed.” A poorly run website will do poorly, and won’t help its firm. There is nothing sadder than a website that doesn’t utilize their honeymoon period.


Configuring Google Search Console (GSC)

Just like how it’s easier to furnish an empty room than a room full of old furniture, it’s easier to set up GSC on a new website than on a website that has already set up a network of illogical metrics. 


A properly set up GSC can provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date metrics on what is and isn’t working with your website. It can tell you where there are errors and, oftentimes, how to fix them. GSC can learn from the data from a fresh website, uncorrupted by confusing configurations.


Rebranding Your Firm

Sometimes it’s best to take an opportunity to rebrand your firm. This can mean changing your primary practice area, your logo, or the general image you want to represent you. Us here at Mockingbird have seen our fair share of outdated websites, and are always excited when we get the chance to create a shiny new site that truly represents the lawyers it advertises. 

Building a new website can feel time-consuming and inefficient, but we encourage looking at the silver linings. Alongside the opportunities it can present, the process of building a new website has been streamlined (especially for law firms) and can be made more easily scalable, accessible, and mobile than ever before.