Unprecedented Opportunity To
Benchmark The Firm

Join hundreds of law firms in an unprecedented opportunity to benchmark the firm across roughly 95 key metrics that drive digital marketing success in legal.  Learn if your site languishes at the bottom 20% for speed, if you lead the pack in sales funnel velocity, pay exorbitant Pay-Per-Click rates, have an appalling poor phone call answer rate or have a site bloated with useless content.  Being able to provide practice-area specific competitive context for these metrics enables you to prioritize your efforts to shore up glaring weaknesses and lean into your competitive advantages.

Feel like a smarmy, backdoor avenue to a thinly veiled salespitch?  Frankly, we’d like (some) of you to turn into clients, but don’t expect hoards of salesmen hounding your voicemail for “discovery” meetings.  It’s just not our style; instead you’ll know if you want to talk further with us – and we suspect the benchmarking data will set that agenda.

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