9 Things Internet Marketers Hope you Believe

  1. Google will send you lots of business because you think you are a good lawyer.
  2. If one website is good, six are better.
  3. People broadcast divorces and Friday’s DUI by liking their lawyer on Facebook.
  4. You should be hostage to a vendor’s proprietary platform instead of widely available & easy-to-use WordPress.
  5. Meerkat is the next big thing in lawyer marketing.
  6. There is a dearth of legal content on the Internet, so you should churn out 10 new posts a week.  If you write it, they will come.
  7. SEO takes time, so you must commit to two years.
  8. People read email newsletters from the PI lawyer they called 14 months ago.
  9. You need a social media marketing consultant to share posts on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.

The legal marketing industry is rife with erroneous, dated advice, and deliberate misrepresentations all designed to milk money from the presumed deep pockets of the legal industry. Rest assured, you won’t catch us pushing tech’s shiniest new object (Meerkat anyone?) unless we’ve seen it delivering phone calls from prospective clients. We’ve been doing this longer than anyone. We know what works and we won’t blow your money on what doesn’t just because it feeds our bottom line.