1% For Good: His Heart My Voice

our people must learn to do good by meeting the urgent needs of others – Titus 3:14

I received an email request from a friend the other day:

I wanted to see if you could do something for me.  Well a friend.  But he’s unaware that I’m trying to help him.  He and a friend started what might as well be an orphanage for some children in Kenya a few years ago. I met him and was very fascinated with his story.  I’m also inspired by what they do. I’m not Christian but I love what they’re doing out there.


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His Heart My Voice was founded by Dave Richardson with the mission of turning faith into words and actions to help humanity. Through Dave’s work in Africa, he ran across a small group of very young children living on the street, and being Dave, he’s taken these kiddos in.  His charity now provides seven very young children, who have no where else to turn to, with food, clothing, education, and safety.  But its more than this –  he is really providing them with a future. So, we’re happy to sponsor two of those kiddos – Henry Ndungu and Mary Wangui (whose smile and pigtails frankly reminds me of my own daughter, albeit without our overwhelming Caucasian genetics.)

In the overall scheme of things, HHMV is a tiny charity making a tiny impact in a part of the world that I’ve never seen, nor probably ever will.  And while everyone’s approach to faith may be different – the concept of doing good for those less fortunate is a common thread and should be a common thread among all of us.  Charities like these are frequently more deserving of support than the massive fundraising machines that dominate the marketing battle over charitable dollars.


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Do a little good in the world today . . . .


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