LMQ #15: How Can I Tell If My Legal Website Is Mobile Friendly?

Mobile Friendly Test

How can you find out if your website is mobile friendly? What is the penalty for having pages that are not mobile friendly? Conrad Saam explains how to test your site and why it’s important.

LMQ #16: What is the Google Snack Pack?

Attack of the 3 Pack

Conrad Saam discusses the recent changes to Google’s local results, now know as “The Snack Pack.” Some changes include: fewer results, the interface itself, phone numbers were removed (and have since been re-added), display, description content placement, and Google reviews focus. Conrad Saam answers the question, “what’s changed with Google’s local results?” — now referred to as the Google Snack Pack. Some of the changes include, fewer results, a deconcentration in local law firms, and the interface of the results. There are three additional changes around phone number display, description content placement, and Google reviews focus. Want an answer to… Keep Reading

LMQ #14: Did the Google Mobile Update Affect My Site?

Google Mobile Test

Did the Google Mobile Update have any effect? We did a survey of our clients to find out. BUT, let’s figure out if it had an impact on your mobile search traffic — get step by step notes on how to check.

LMQ #13: Are Virtual Offices Spammy?

Global Virtual Offices

Can I make virtual offices work for me in terms of local SEO? How can I rank in local results if I am outside of the centroid of a city? Within Google guidelines, may I establish separate pages around my virtual office location? What has the Pigeon update done to affect the use of “fake” offices?

LMQ #12: What is the Centroid?

City Center

Within local search engine optimization, what is the centroid? Why is being geographically close to the centroid important? Is the centroid just the “middle” or “downtown” of a city?

LMQ #11: Why Doesn’t Yelp Encourage Reviews?


As a review site, why does it seem that Yelp discourages reviewing? What does Yelp consider legitimate engagement? How do they encourage legitimate engagement over forced/reviewing solicitation?

LMQ #10: Why is Content Shareability So Important?


Why is shareability a buzzword for legal content right now? What does shareable content mean in terms of linking and brand recognition? Can legal content be interesting, engaging and worth sharing?

LMQ #9: How Do We Handle Our Google+ Listing When Moving?


What steps should a law firm take when moving office locations? When should needed listing changes be made? What are the updating priorities regarding website, Google, major data aggregators, and niche directories?

LMQ #8: What Is A Google Practitioner Listing?


What is a Goolge+ Practitioner listing and how is it different for a practitioner compared to a business? Joy explains some of the confusion behind Google Practitioner listings, especially for attorneys. What makes someone eligible to have this type of listing? Should a firm have more than one?

LMQ #7: Is My SEO Paying Off?


Why don’t I come up in a search for my name, location and practice area? How do I evaluate the effectiveness of my SEO? Do ranking reports work? Conrad Saam explains some ways to measure traffic and how to see if your SEO efforts are worthwhile in this “Legal Marketing Questions” video.