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The Worst Legal Marketing I’ve Seen

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What follows is the most abjectly stupid online marketing I’ve come across. From a company that really should know better. I found a legal website proactively advertising the services of a direct and hated competitor. Advertising simply does NOT belong on the website of any service provider.  You don’t want someone considering hiring you for their car accident to get distracted by a display ad for Nikes, the new Toyota Camry, a WonderBra . . . or worse . . . your competitor (more on that later.)  It seems pretty obvious . . . your site is there to sell your services… Keep Reading

Just How Much Does Yelp Cost?

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I got an urgent phone call from a client yesterday: I have an advertising opportunity that I want to run by you, but I need to get back to them today or it is no longer available. OK. So I was contacted by Yelp and they are offering me 500 highly targeted ads – they can show up on competitor pages and highly targeted searches in my city.  Also, they’ll clear my profile of any ads and I get an account manager and reporting. How much? It’s only $350 – but I wasn’t sure if it was a good deal,… Keep Reading

Hey Lawyers: Be (Very) Careful With Retargeting

Legal Retargeting II

I happened to glance at the screen while my 5 year old daughter was playing virtual dress-up. Hello “Goldberg Jones – Divorce for Men”.  Nice to meet you.  Actually, nice to get reacquainted with you. My daughter is getting these ads because I was on Goldberg Jones’ site last week researching some duplicate content issues.  And now the web thinks I’m thinking of going single.  And so does my daughter . . . and when she logs onto our shared computer, so does my wife. Due to all of the legal searches I do . . . the search engines and advertisers… Keep Reading