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SEO Ranking Upheaval


While there’s no official word yet – SEO nerds around the world are chattering about two large algo updates happening right now.  And I’ve fielded no fewer than three chats/emails/phone calls  from lawyers wondering whats going on.  So what’s going on? The two different algo updates are impacting both natural and local search (and these two are driven by mostly independent factors.)  In the organic search world There’s speculation if this is a Penguin update, or the core algo update – and again, no word from Google confirming anything.  On the local side – and this is a bigger deal for… Keep Reading

Google Core Algo Update this Past Weekend


Looking for patterns in web traffic for law firms between November and February is extremely hard given the natural fluctuations drop in lawyer interest that occurs over the holidays and the spike that occurs in January (and for divorce – sadly around Valentine’s day). It just got harder. Google confirmed that a core ranking algorithm update was pushed out over the weekend.  SEO nerds around the world are calling this “massive”.  Of note – this is NOT Penguin related.  So strap in, check your GA numbers and see what the impact is to your business.  

Linkwheel Spam, The Truth Network and Judith Swift

Linkwheel 2

The purpose of this post is to demonstrate just how far the search engines have to go in combating spam.  (Alternatively, its a callout to force the issue for law firms to make a very careful decision about where you want to stand on the black hat vs. white hat tactical spectrum.) Mockingbird sees a lot of legacy spam tactics; in fact a large portion of our engagements start with what we internally call Janitorial SEO – cleaning up the messes generated by previous agencies to regain lost business. Every now and then we see one of those ancient tactics that still seems to work. What… Keep Reading

8 Questions to Determine if your SEO Expert is… an SEO Expert

bambino con baffi finti

What follows is an admittedly arrogant post.  And I’m transgressing on a principle I teach my kids – you can’t build yourself up by knocking others down.  BUT… I keep talking to law firms, flummoxed by the lack of results from their SEO experts, only to find some really rudimentary mistakes.  What follows are a few questions to suss out just how expert your SEO talent really is. 1.  My site was hit by a Penguin Penalty – how do I get my traffic back? Platitudes around the disavow process are often the answer to this question – and while disavow… Keep Reading

What to do When FindLaw Pulls the Plug on Your Website

Kendall's New WordPress Site

Want to see the world’s ugliest law firm website? That’s what Kendall Coffman’s FindLaw website looked like on Tuesday.  What follows demonstrates how Kendall was able to get his site (admittedly stripped down) back up and running with 21 hours. 1:27 PM Tuesday I receive an email from Kendall. I have been in a dispute with Findlaw for several months now, and Findlaw has decided to “take down” my website.  My site was, and if you go there, you will see nothing except maybe error messages. 2:02 PM Phone Call I give Kendall a call – what follows are my… Keep Reading

Its Here – Penguin 3.0 (and Webinar for Law Firms)


It’s been a busy weekend on the Internet. Friday, internet-dwellers became aware of a long awaited Google algorithm update, Penguin 3.0. Mockingbird Marketing will be hosting a Webinar, Tuesday, October 28th at 1:00 PDT to help you self-diagnose if Penguin 3.0 has impacted your site and what to do about it if it has. Webinar Signup: Penguin 3.0 Diagnosis for Law Firms. Penguin Refresher Course Google told us this was coming (we wrote about it last week), and here at Mockingbird we’ve been anxiously awaiting it’s arrival. Penguin is an algorithm update first released in 2012 that aims to put the… Keep Reading

The Attorneys ATM – SPAMMY SEO Marketing


I was doing a backlink check on a law firm site today and ran into link SPAM at a level so rudimentary and flagrant that I was incredulous that it was still around. This SPAM is so basic, it might serve as a good lesson on how SEO’s manually diagnose toxic links . . . . I found a a link to a DUI law firm’s site . . . on the domain  As the frim was neither in California nor in spinal injuries, this started to smell a little fishy – as did the Title Tag, which had nothing… Keep Reading

Legal Marketing in 2014: The Only Thing You Need to Know


Now is the time of year when professional predictions, resolutions and prognostications appear across the legal marketing blogging landscape.  In the ever-changing SEO industry, correctly guessing the newest new thing is very effective. As far as I’m concerned there’s only one thing you need to know about online marketing in 2014:  Matt is mad. In 2013, the head of Google’s anti-webspam team (and unofficially, chief industry PR spokesperson), Matt Cutts, hammered the SEO industry with anit-spam algorithm updates.  And while Google started sharing these algo code name updates back in 2011; through 2013 we saw these names go from project… Keep Reading

SEO Regicide: Content the King is Dead

Content is Dead

Content content content. “You need more content.”  “You need to rewrite news articles every day!” “You need to blog more.” “Publish or perish.” “Google launched Hummingbird – you need to write FAQs!” Psssssst . . . . lawyers . . .  all of the SEO experts are telling you (and all of your competitors) the same thing.  And like compliant lemmings, you are all doing the same thing. Psssssst . . .  It doesn’t work anymore. The Rise and Fall of the Content Dynasty The genesis for the focus on content began about 5 years ago.  Changes in consumer search… Keep Reading

Google’s Penguin 5 SPAM Update Launches Today

Penguin 5

Strap in lawyers.  About an hour ago, Matt Cutts announced the launch of Penguin 2.1 (referred to in the SEO industry as Penguin 5 – don’t ask why). Today’s algo update is relatively minor (thus the “.1” instead of 3) but should impact 1% of searches.  Those negatively impacted will most likely have to-date gotten away with a dodgy, purchased backlink profile.  Beneficiaries may include sites that have been working on Penguin cleanup from past penalties. How to Diagnose if You’ve Been Penguined Penguin updates are immediate and severe.  Review your Google Analytics data for sudden and otherwise unexplained changes… Keep Reading