Legal Connect with Google Workshop – Two October Events

Victoria Fabiano, Google Strategic Partner Manager

We’re happy to announce not one, but two Legal Connect with Google events for October. This is a free, day-long, hands-on Workshop specifically designed to assist lawyers in evaluating their online marketing effectiveness.  Classes are focused on local, natural and paid search and are taught by Google employees and Mockingbird founder, Conrad Saam. So if you wanted to attend the pilot event this week at Google HQ in Mountainview, but were unable to, there’s now a second and third chance. Dates and Venues October 7 and 8 in New Orleans.   Details and Sign Up October 17th in Google’s New York… Keep Reading

Google SEO Penalty for Chat Pop-ups Coming?

chat penalty

I‘ve long ranted against many of the implementations of chat conversions – especially on mobile devices – in which the chat is so aggressive that it covers up content, as well as all other forms of conversion – phone numbers and form fills.  In most cases, chat implementations are configured to maximize revenue for the chat provider, NOT the law firm.  Some providers have gone so far to refuse to allow customization of how aggressively their chat is implemented.  This is further exacerbated by most vendors positioning their service as a marketing channel instead of what it truly is –… Keep Reading

4 Google AdWords Tips You Should Implement Right Now

Mobile Friendly Test

Mockingbird is one of the newest members in the Google’s Partner Acceleration Program (humble bragging found here). With this exciting new partnership comes exclusive training from Google’s AdWords specialists themselves. During our recent training at Google’s offices, one thing was stressed over and over: MOBILE IS IMPORTANT. I could tell you that people check their phone over 100 times a day, or that 66% of people turn to their smartphone to look up something they saw on TV, but really all you need to know is that more people are using their phones to research and make purchase decisions than ever before…. Keep Reading

MobileAgeddon  – Mobilegeddon Happening Again?

mobile phone google update part 2

Last week, Google posted an update to their Webmaster Central Blog announcing a mobile algorithm update rolling out in May of this year. The update is said to increase the effect of the mobile-friendly ranking signal in order to “help users find even more pages that are relevant and mobile-friendly.” Google goes on to explain that if you’ve already made your site mobile-friendly, you shouldn’t worry: “If you’ve already made your site mobile-friendly, you will not be impacted by this update.” If you missed Mobilegeddon last year, I’m impressed. It was a big deal in the digital marketing industry and… Keep Reading

Google Playing with Click-to-Call Phone Numbers in Mobile Organic Results

Seattle Shoes Organic Mobile Results

Estimated read time: 3 minutes In his blog post yesterday, local SEO guru Mike Blumenthal reported on click-to-call phone numbers now showing in mobile organic searches. What does this mean? Essentially, along with the normal website link and description, Google is now testing out clickable phone numbers directly in the search results for mobile searches. Let’s look at some examples from Mike’s blog post…   So what happened when I tried to replicate the click to call numbers for legal related search queries? (I’ll give you a hint: it worked.)   Here’s what we know: The change was first noticed… Keep Reading

“Responsive Websites” – What They Are and Why Your Business Needs One

Responsive Web design

Do you know what responsive websites are? Does your business already have one? If so, this post isn’t for you. Do you keep hearing about the importance of responsive websites and mobile search? Not sure if your website is responsive? Don’t understand what responsive design means? This post is for you! What Is Responsive Web Design? Responsive Web Design is used to make your website look good and be easy to read/navigate – no matter what device your visitor is using. This means your website’s content/design/layout is going to change based on the screen size/orientation/resolution of the viewers screen. A responsive layout will ensure… Keep Reading

Introducing the Echo Legal Marketing Platform

Echo- Promo Music! Echo is our amazing new marketing platform. We take the tools that we use every day as an agency for our clients who are paying us $5,000-10,000 a month and we bring them into your law firm. We use video tutorials to provide step by step instructions on how to use them. Sign up for our launch webinar Analytics. How do we use Google Analytics? What do you need to keep an eye on and what metrics matter? How do we use tools like Moz Local and Yext to bolster our local performance? Review Management. How do we make… Keep Reading

Google Mobile Penalty Study Week 1 – mobile friendly +8%, unfriendly -4%

mobile day 7

So we are a full week into Google’s well publicized mobile friendly algo update (or penalty, depending on how you want to market it) and at this point I’m regretting my decision to publish day-to-day updates as frankly, there’s been very little to update.  So far, in aggregate across the 59 sites we’re tracking, we’re seeing average daily mobile search traffic up 8% on mobile optimized sites and down 4% on non-mobile friendly sites. Hardly the search traffic apocalypse forecasted by SEO geeks and The Google.  And remember, mobile natural search traffic represents just a portion of overall legal webite… Keep Reading

Google Mobile Penalty Study Day 6 – Mobile sites up 5%

Mobile Day 6

So we’re almost a full week into the hype of the Google Mobile Penalty Roll-Out and…. maybe, just maybe, we are seeing some logical results.   Aggregating data across the 59 sites in the study – we’re now seeing natural search traffic from devices for mobile optimized sites up by 5% while non mobile sites are showing an aggregate decline of 3%.  Kind of what you’d expect from the algo update, albeit at a much smaller scale. Or maybe not… Individual data across the sites in the study remains highly variable with significant swings both up and down.  The graph… Keep Reading

Google Mobile Penalty Study Day 3: In Which we ask, “What Rollout?”

Day 3

Across the board, SEOs are asking “what rollout?”  Its gotten so odd the Google’s clarified, that yes, there has been a roll-out and in fact it is complete in some data centers… which now begs the question:  was this overhyped?  SEO Clarity’s study on over 50,000 queries shows a 5% change yesterday – so far this looks like a snoozer. Looking at our much more limited dataset of 59 law firm websites: all 12 of the non mobile optimized sites have seen mobile search traffic above the 8 week benchmark.  Aggregating data across those sites shows mobile search traffic 21% higher…. Keep Reading