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LawyerEdge Website Underperforming? A Cautionary Tale of Duplicate Content

Duplicate content

Having trouble figuring out why your website isn’t getting more traffic?  Its possible the content on your site has simply been cut and pasted from another site – rending your SEO impotent. Law Firm Website Almost Invisible Initially, I couldn’t figure out why the law firm’s site was performing so badly – the technology was fine, the content seemed fairly well written and there was a reasonable link profile.  Despite this, the site was averaging less than 2 visitors a day from unbranded natural search –  and very few of those visitors were landing on the practice area pages.  Digging… Keep Reading

9 Questions your Legal Website Developer Doesn’t Want You To Ask

Hosting Costs

To the best of my knowledge, the legal industry is the only industry that pays for their websites on an ongoing subscription basis.  Most companies pay a one off project fee for their website, lawyers tend to lease them on an ongoing basis – often at exorbitant rates with little or any value add. If you have a monthly website bill ask your provider the following pointed questions . . . 1. Who owns the domain? If you don’t own your domain, you have no control over the primary destination of your online presence.   Website developers who maintain ownership of… Keep Reading