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Google Rolls Out Huge Changes to Search Results


Expect your PPC campaigns (and therefore probably your SEO traffic) to go a little haywire this week.  Google has abruptly rolled out a very large change to the search engine results page (SERP) interface…. removing all ads (and apparently everything) from the right rail – see Siberia below. Here’s What We Know The changes impact desktop searches only. There are now four ads above natural search results and three below. The changes only impact “commercial” queries – presumably most of the more transactional legal terms, but probably less so for queries researching a particular issue (see example below). The change… Keep Reading

Introducing the Echo Legal Marketing Platform

Echo- Promo Music! Echo is our amazing new marketing platform. We take the tools that we use every day as an agency for our clients who are paying us $5,000-10,000 a month and we bring them into your law firm. We use video tutorials to provide step by step instructions on how to use them. Sign up for our launch webinar Analytics. How do we use Google Analytics? What do you need to keep an eye on and what metrics matter? How do we use tools like Moz Local and Yext to bolster our local performance? Review Management. How do we make… Keep Reading

How We Replaced PPC with SEO and Saved $30,000

replacing PPC

These are the results I love to share.  Back towards the beginning of the year, I spoke with someone who was concerned about  high PPC budget – she was spending roughly $2,500 monthly on Adwords and weren’t sure if the spend was paying off. In looking at the site’s performance it became clear that the client had most of her eggs in a poorly structured, untargeted PPC basket AND the site seemed to be grossly underperforming in SEO. Over the past 6 months, we’ve turned her traffic upside down . . . . resulting in PPC savings of roughly $30,000.  While traffic… Keep Reading

Google Adwords Costs 150% More than Bing Ads

Adwords traffic costs 2.5x Bing Ads for Identical Campaigns

Back in July I wrote a post called You are Foolish if you run Google Adwords but not Bing Ads that outlined the economic theory explaining how Bing Ads return a higher ROI although lower volume than Google Adwords. I’ve been running PPC campaigns on both platforms for Atticus’ clients and have confirmed the theory.  Interestingly, depending on the market forces, Bing is dramatically more effective at delivering not only more cost effective traffic, but more traffic overall.  What follows is comparative data for Adwords and Bing Ads for one client in a particularly interesting market.  While this is an… Keep Reading

SEO Regicide: Content the King is Dead

Content is Dead

Content content content. “You need more content.”  “You need to rewrite news articles every day!” “You need to blog more.” “Publish or perish.” “Google launched Hummingbird – you need to write FAQs!” Psssssst . . . . lawyers . . .  all of the SEO experts are telling you (and all of your competitors) the same thing.  And like compliant lemmings, you are all doing the same thing. Psssssst . . .  It doesn’t work anymore. The Rise and Fall of the Content Dynasty The genesis for the focus on content began about 5 years ago.  Changes in consumer search… Keep Reading

Does My Site Look Fat in this WordPress?

Tag Spam 2

If your site runs on WordPress, it is highly possible – even likely – that your site needs a diet.  WordPress makes it mind-numbingly easy to create lots of different pages by recycling your content, or snippets of your content, into various related pages.  This has been grossly exacerbated by uninformed SEO consultants  pushing their clients to aggressively “tag” blog posts. WordPress Often Generates Too Many Pages First, understand that search engines don’t necessarily review all of the pages on a site, but instead use the site’s authority (from links etc.) to determine just how many pages they will both… Keep Reading

LawyerEdge Website Underperforming? A Cautionary Tale of Duplicate Content

Duplicate content

Having trouble figuring out why your website isn’t getting more traffic?  Its possible the content on your site has simply been cut and pasted from another site – rending your SEO impotent. Law Firm Website Almost Invisible Initially, I couldn’t figure out why the law firm’s site was performing so badly – the technology was fine, the content seemed fairly well written and there was a reasonable link profile.  Despite this, the site was averaging less than 2 visitors a day from unbranded natural search –  and very few of those visitors were landing on the practice area pages.  Digging… Keep Reading

Are You Sending the Wrong Signals to Search Engines?

Justice Florida Results

Looking at the screenshot below, it is very clear to any human that this is a blog post covering Drug Sniffing Dogs and Search Warrants.  Unfortunately, the underlying code does a very poor job of telling computers what the article is about – leading to this page (and all the other pages on this site) performing extremely poorly in search.  Here’s why . . . At a very high level, search engines scan web page code for indicators to deduce the subject matter of content on a page (reminds me of the old California Achievement Tests in 5th grade.) We’ll… Keep Reading

You are Foolish if you run Google Adwords but not Bing Ads

Bing vs. Adwords

I went striped bass fishing in Cape Cod last week aboard the Salt Shaker.  Captain Dan, who has been fishing there for about 30 years, has intimate experience with fish, tackle, currents, temperatures and the bay; which means that I’ve pulled in some big stripers each of the last 6 years I’ve been out with him. It turns out Dan is an experienced, savvy online marketer as well.  On the 45 minute ride back from the fishing area, I asked him about how he markets his one man charter business. What follows is a rough recollection of his comments about… Keep Reading

Your Ranking Report is a Dangerous Waste of Time

Ranking Reports for Lawyers

Lawyer:  “We’re ranking really well, but our phone just isn’t ringing.” Me:  “Well, how much traffic are you getting?” Lawyer:  “I don’t know” You are wasting your time if you are looking at Ranking Reports to assess the success of your SEO campaign.  Worse – if you agency sends you a regular ranking report (and no traffic report), they are probably deliberately trying to hide their poor performance. Ranking reports are often used by agencies to suggest success while they are delivering very little in value (i.e. more traffic.)  They distract from business goals and focus your search campaign on… Keep Reading