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Google Authorship is Dead (or is it . . . .)

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Last week, John Mueller over at Google announced authorship would no longer be shown in search results. In case you forgot, authorship was the nifty gizmo that made your picture appear in the SERPs next to content you wrote. Or at least, it did until this past June when Google removed the photo and just left your name. Here’s what Google Authorship looked like in its glory days: And here’s what it looks like with the removal of authorship: boo boo!  Sad Trombone . . . Why did Google (say they) got rid of authorship? In their analysis of authorship,… Keep Reading

The End of Google Authorship as We Know It


Last week, Google’s John Mueller announced a huge shift in how Google Authorship will be displayed in search results going forward. If you’re familiar with Google Authorship you’ll know it as the fancy mug  shot that get’s featured next to your search results, like so: There’s more to authorship than having your face plastered next to search results. But, since it’s inception in 2011, SEO experts have mainly toted Authorship as a way to increase the click-through rate on your results. This is based on eye tracking studies that suggest images attract people’s attention, and lead them to more often click. Following the clicks,… Keep Reading

FindLaw Selling Pre-SEO’d Websites


Want to rank #1 for a highly competitive search term immediately?  FindLaw has your answer. FindLaw is now offering pre-built Websites – essentially high ranking law firm websites with no owner – being sold to the highest bidder.  And by “high ranking” I mean high ranking in the search engines. Here’s excerpts from a FindLaw email forwarded to me by a lawyer wondering how much he should pony up for a site that was already a ranking winner: look at this link and let me know what you think once you open the first organic (under top PPC adds). This… Keep Reading

Legal Marketing in 2014: The Only Thing You Need to Know


Now is the time of year when professional predictions, resolutions and prognostications appear across the legal marketing blogging landscape.  In the ever-changing SEO industry, correctly guessing the newest new thing is very effective. As far as I’m concerned there’s only one thing you need to know about online marketing in 2014:  Matt is mad. In 2013, the head of Google’s anti-webspam team (and unofficially, chief industry PR spokesperson), Matt Cutts, hammered the SEO industry with anit-spam algorithm updates.  And while Google started sharing these algo code name updates back in 2011; through 2013 we saw these names go from project… Keep Reading

Google Shuns Low Quality Authors


Now that we’ve all jumped on the authorship bandwagon – its time to reverse course. SEO rockstar, Barry Schwartz first posted about the drop in authorship a week ago. Today, Google’s Matt Cutts confirmed a change to their authorship model – reducing the number of results returning authorship images by roughly 15%. If you live under an SEO rock – here’s authorship in action – a picture of yours truly accompanying an article I wrote: Numerous studies have universally pointed to a massive increase in click through rate when results are associated with authorship – regardless of where those results fall on the… Keep Reading

SEO Regicide: Content the King is Dead

Content is Dead

Content content content. “You need more content.”  “You need to rewrite news articles every day!” “You need to blog more.” “Publish or perish.” “Google launched Hummingbird – you need to write FAQs!” Psssssst . . . . lawyers . . .  all of the SEO experts are telling you (and all of your competitors) the same thing.  And like compliant lemmings, you are all doing the same thing. Psssssst . . .  It doesn’t work anymore. The Rise and Fall of the Content Dynasty The genesis for the focus on content began about 5 years ago.  Changes in consumer search… Keep Reading

A Common Sense Law Firm Policy for Authorship

Authorship for Lawyers

Authorship is the hottest new innovation in search.  And like many changes that preceded it, authorship has the legal community spinning in circles trying to figure out what to do. But first . . . A Quick Primer on Authorship At a very high level, authorship is the association of an individual writer’s reputation to a piece of content.  This manifests itself in two important ways.  1. As a ranking factor – i.e. Conrad Saam has accrued a strong reputation for writing about search and therefore his content about search will rank well regardless of where it is published.  2. … Keep Reading