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What to do When FindLaw Pulls the Plug on Your Website

Kendall's New WordPress Site

Want to see the world’s ugliest law firm website? That’s what Kendall Coffman’s FindLaw website looked like on Tuesday.  What follows demonstrates how Kendall was able to get his site (admittedly stripped down) back up and running with 21 hours. 1:27 PM Tuesday I receive an email from Kendall. I have been in a dispute with Findlaw for several months now, and Findlaw has decided to “take down” my website.  My site was, and if you go there, you will see nothing except maybe error messages. 2:02 PM Phone Call I give Kendall a call – what follows are my… Keep Reading

Avoid “1&1 My Website” for your law firm’s website

Phone Lookup

Generally, I encourage lawyers to use any cost effective means necessary to get a website up and running – but with 1 & 1 My Website, I’m wrong. Here’s the backstory: I just received a cold call from 1&1 My Website to our new office number, which was surprising as I haven’t published it anywhere. Given the business I’m in, and the fact that I’ve had a few inquiries from lawyers about their service, I decided to play along and learn a little more. While I didn’t record the conversation, here is my best recreation of some of the conversation… Keep Reading