Local Optimization for Lawyers

Positioning a law firm for local search results requires an understanding of local algorithms, access to a multiplicity of directories, and painstaking attention to detail. Done right, it can be the single most effective tactic to bring local clients to your door – especially for localized, consumer focused practice areas such as Divorce, DUI, Speeding Tickets and Criminal Defense.

Local SEO for Lawyers

Our local optimization services put you on the map and keep you there.    We begin by correcting errors in your firm’s NAP (Name + Address + Phone Number) entries across the thousands of directories the search engines reference.  Next, we build citations across the web to maintain and improve your position on both Google and Bing’s local results.  Finally, we help you build reviews to populate important directories with the accolades of your clients.

Local Search Optimization Problems

Contact us directly to solve more complex issues such as a change of address, multiple offices, tracking phone numbers, hyper-competitive markets or penalties from previous attempts to manipulate local search engine results.

Mapped Results

Mapped results are most frequently returned for high converting queries – “divorce lawyer” or “seattle dui lawyer” – in which the searcher is most likely actively seeking to hire an attorney in the very near term. Getting local right is imperative.

Local Map