We don’t go into the details of who are clients are – and you won’t find our logo thumbtacked into the footer of every page – because your website is to market your law firm, not your agency. We keep our client list close to the vest, simply because we believe we are the best in the business and there’s no need to provide our clients’ competitors with a roadmap to their success.

But, I’m happy to share the results we’ve returned for those clients who have been with us for the long run.  Based on a study we conducted for the American Bar Association – every 100 SEO sessions generates 3-4 inbound inquiries – so these results are game changers for our clients’ business.

Large Firm in 4 Major Cities

Mockingbird’s second client with whom we started essentially from scratch.  Has now expanded offices into four major metros across the west coast.


Large PI Firm in Large City

Large established firm with minimal web presence prior to our engagement.  Starting late 2014, we upgraded their website platform to WordPress and have engaged in ongoing aggressive content marketing.


Solo Immigration Lawyer

This small firm in a large tech savvy city had inconsequential traffic, prior to our taking over his site in the second half of 2015.


Recovery From Negative SEO Attack

This site was hit by a negative SEO attack towards the end of 2014.  We not only recovered from the ensuing penalty, but continued linkbuilding and content marketing are roughly doubling traffic annually. Detailed Case Study here.


Small 2 Person PI Firm in 3 Rural Markets

Note slow growth after we took over in 2015 skyrocketed in 2016.


Criminal Defense Firm in Secondary City

Long standing client – we believe the algo updates have finally caught up with the best practices implemented here – driving a 4x increase in search traffic.


Boutique PI Firm In Large City

We’ve done nothing but linkbuilding starting in April.  Results are showing slow steady growth – doubling traffic that was formerly flat, since we engaged.