Search Account Executive II

Job Re-posted: 5/19/15

The Search Account Executive works with clients on the tactical execution of various online marketing channels to most cost effectively drive new business for them. Ultimately, you will serve as an outsourced VP of Marketing for 8-12 law firms – optimizing their marketing across a variety of channels.  You are a technical, experienced SEO with a business mindset.

Ideal Candidate

You are analytical, well versed in search, have hands on experience with third party tools and have recently attended SES, SMX or MozCon.  You are both a thinker and a doer. You will manage timelines, schedules, vendors and most importantly, client relationships. You are a master of organization and communication and will work within our process to operate efficiency. Ideal candidate has a technical bent and SEO experience at one of the great Seattle area agencies or a depth of experience in-house.

MOST IMPORTANT THING TO KNOW:  This role will both manage clients AND directly execute on search tactics.  I’m only interested in people eager to get their hands dirty (not just “willing” but genuinely “eager”).


  • Seattle Area
  • Experienced:  Medium to strong experience with natural search and a minimum of two years tactical hands on experience in at least one:
    • Local Search Optimization
    • Linkbuilding (white hat)
    • Online Advertising
    • White hat SEO
  • Organized Perfectionist:  Pedantically organized to manage multiple tasks for ten clients without ever dropping the ball. Someone who won’t let anything out of the office without a spit-shine polish on it.
  • Impeccable Customer Skills:  This is a personality trait that can be nurtured, but if the underlying mentality isn’t there it’s never going to happen.  Experience in an agency (or selling shoes at Nordstrom) may help.  Mockingbird clients love their Account Executive.
  • Technical: We remove every technical headache (from setting up hosting to upgrading WordPress) from our clients’ realm. Applicants must know the difference between a CNAME a canonical tag and a carrot.
  • Known Quantity:  Endorsement from someone in the industry I know and trust.

Strategic pontificators, black hat acolytes, and corporate cogs need not apply.

Managerial experience with small teams of technical people is a strong plus.


Compensation is highly dependent on experience, include a competitive salary and generous performance incentives tied to specific performance metrics. Mockingbird hires for both personality and experience.  This is not a 9-5 job, nor is it highly structured with crystal clear expectations and a pre-defined roadmap for success. The right personality will do whatever it takes to make our clients successful – while working within their budget.

About Mockingbird Marketing

Mockingbird is an agency providing online marketing services exclusively to the legal marketplace.  Mockingbird currently has 65 clients and we’re adding about three a month.  We provide a comprehensive approach to online marketing – our primary value is in identifying, prioritizing and executing on the lowest hanging fruit that will drive new business for our clients.

If you are interested, please submit a resume to Applicants with a strong endorsement from someone I trust strongly preferred.