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Design Resources for Law Firm Websites

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Are you blogging regularly on your law firm website? Maybe you’re considering a website redesign? Or perhaps you’re just looking to improve your existing content? You may even be a designer looking for some extra tips. Updating a website or just adding photos to your blog posts can be a time consuming and expensive process. This post is meant to provide some free and/or easy to use resources to help you keep your website fresh. Images Looking for high quality stock imagery for your blog posts or pages? A standard Google image search + copy/paste just won’t cut it (that usually falls under… Keep Reading

FindLaw Abandons Another Law Firm

It’s Halloween so, a perfect time for a scary post about a ghoul in our midst…. You’ll remember about a year ago, we knocked out a website for Kendall Coffman in 24 hours after FindLaw pulled the plug on his site – leaving it looking like this: So yesterday, we got the same call – another law firm abandoned by FindLaw, leaving their site naked in the breeze.  This time, we turned around a new site same day.  Now that’s not easy – it involved pulling our fire alarm – getting all hands on deck and working with our Echo… Keep Reading

Why Great Design and UX is HUGELY IMPORTANT for Law Firm Websites

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Search Engine Optimization with a “VP of Marketing” mindset continues to be Mockingbird’s business focus. We focus on generating high returns for our client’s marketing investments. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) encompasses a broad set of tactics that bring more visitors to our client’s websites. Mockingbird often supplements our SEO engagements with measured Pay-Per-Click and Display advertising campaigns. Our strategies widen the top of our client’s marketing funnel. But, what about the website visitors? How can we increase the likelihood that they start a contact through the website they’re visiting? The real people using a website can be forgotten with the… Keep Reading

Law Firm Website Costs Graphic

Law Firm Website Costs

Law Technology Today published my post on the Law Firm Website Cost Benchmarking Study we did for the American Bar Association.  You can read all of the goodies here.  BUT – they didn’t include my handy dandy graphic and so, in the spirit of a picture is worth a thousand words…. (Note – study size was 81 different law firm sites, built on the WordPress platform in the US.  Sites stuck on the Y axis – we simply didn’t have accurate turnaround time data for.)

Design Matters


Great post from my friend, Greg Sterling covering a Vistaprint study on the importance of good design for small businesses.  I’ve often overlooked the design element, as most flagrant website issues we see are usually technical.  But getting someone to a site is only half (or perhaps less than half) of the marketing battle. Design is a key conversion driver. Almost half of the population would be discouraged from buying from a small business with a poorly designed website – which was worse than not having a site at all.  So drop that heinous, dated, big box, mass produced template… Keep Reading

Squarespace vs WordPress for your Law Firm Website


Although it’s been around for a while, we’ve been hearing more and more about Squarespace lately. While it could be a great option for a portfolio or personal website, the real question is: can you use Squarespace for a law firm website? Pros of Using Squarespace Low cost – Squarespace websites run between $8 and $18 a month. For comparisons sake, using WordPress and hosting on WPEngine (which we recommend), runs $29/month. Although that extra $10 provides daily automatic backups and increased security measures, it’s still more expensive. Ease of use – For some one with minimal tech experience, Squarespace is very user-friendly. It’s… Keep Reading

MobileAgeddon  – Mobilegeddon Happening Again?

mobile phone google update part 2

Last week, Google posted an update to their Webmaster Central Blog announcing a mobile algorithm update rolling out in May of this year. The update is said to increase the effect of the mobile-friendly ranking signal in order to “help users find even more pages that are relevant and mobile-friendly.” Google goes on to explain that if you’ve already made your site mobile-friendly, you shouldn’t worry: “If you’ve already made your site mobile-friendly, you will not be impacted by this update.” If you missed Mobilegeddon last year, I’m impressed. It was a big deal in the digital marketing industry and… Keep Reading

Should Your Law Firm’s Website Have a Privacy Policy?


Short answer: Yes. Medium answer: It’s best practice for you to do so, but not required by law unless you do business in the state of California and/or target children under the age of 13. Long answer: Read on. What is a Privacy Policy? A privacy policy is generally a page on your website letting your users know how you collect and handle their information. It serves two main purposes. On one hand, it informs users on what is happening with their information so they can protect themselves. On the other hand, it allows webmasters to avoid potential legal issues. Privacy… Keep Reading

Popular Legal WordPress Contact Form Plugin Giving Errors

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A widely popular contact form plugin on legal websites has been scaring its users since it released its latest update on Feb 20th, 2016. Contact Form 7, or CF7 for short, came out with a recent update that boasts a new “Configuration Validator”. This validator scans your contact forms and looks for common errors that prevent your form submissions from being sent properly. It seems that CF7’s developer was tired of answering/fixing common CF7 configuration settings. I don’t blame him. Contact Form 7 Validation Errors If you’ve recently updated this amazing WordPress plugin, you’ve probably notice a new notification prompting… Keep Reading

“Responsive Websites” – What They Are and Why Your Business Needs One

Responsive Web design

Do you know what responsive websites are? Does your business already have one? If so, this post isn’t for you. Do you keep hearing about the importance of responsive websites and mobile search? Not sure if your website is responsive? Don’t understand what responsive design means? This post is for you! What Is Responsive Web Design? Responsive Web Design is used to make your website look good and be easy to read/navigate – no matter what device your visitor is using. This means your website’s content/design/layout is going to change based on the screen size/orientation/resolution of the viewers screen. A responsive layout will ensure… Keep Reading