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Design Resources for Law Firm Websites

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Are you blogging regularly on your law firm website? Maybe you’re considering a website redesign? Or perhaps you’re just looking to improve your existing content? You may even be a designer looking for some extra tips. Updating a website or just adding photos to your blog posts can be a time consuming and expensive process. This post is meant to provide some free and/or easy to use resources to help you keep your website fresh. Images Looking for high quality stock imagery for your blog posts or pages? A standard Google image search + copy/paste just won’t cut it (that usually falls under… Keep Reading

Why Great Design and UX is HUGELY IMPORTANT for Law Firm Websites

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Search Engine Optimization with a “VP of Marketing” mindset continues to be Mockingbird’s business focus. We focus on generating high returns for our client’s marketing investments. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) encompasses a broad set of tactics that bring more visitors to our client’s websites. Mockingbird often supplements our SEO engagements with measured Pay-Per-Click and Display advertising campaigns. Our strategies widen the top of our client’s marketing funnel. But, what about the website visitors? How can we increase the likelihood that they start a contact through the website they’re visiting? The real people using a website can be forgotten with the… Keep Reading

“Responsive Websites” – What They Are and Why Your Business Needs One

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Do you know what responsive websites are? Does your business already have one? If so, this post isn’t for you. Do you keep hearing about the importance of responsive websites and mobile search? Not sure if your website is responsive? Don’t understand what responsive design means? This post is for you! What Is Responsive Web Design? Responsive Web Design is used to make your website look good and be easy to read/navigate – no matter what device your visitor is using. This means your website’s content/design/layout is going to change based on the screen size/orientation/resolution of the viewers screen. A responsive layout will ensure… Keep Reading

HTML Sitemap: Creating in WordPress and Their Importance

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What is an HTML Sitemap? An HTML Sitemap is a page on your website with links to every single page of important content on your website. Any pages on your site that can be indexed by search or are navigable from your menus should be linked to by your sitemap page! But I already have an XML Sitemap! An XML Sitemap is purely for search engines, and all of the pages you submit via XML are not guaranteed to be indexed. XML Sitemaps are of no use to your end user. They are made for robots and look like they are made for robots. See… Keep Reading

Site Speed Matters – So how do you test it?

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Site speed is important. Your website speed can influence site traffic and more importantly – conversions. If your site takes 5-10 seconds to load on a desktop with a high speed internet connection, it’s going to take even longer to load on a mobile network. This is not a good user experience and can cause visitors (potential customers) to move along. There are many factors affecting your site speed… registrar, host, site platform, site code optimization, image size, external requests, the list goes on… However, there are tools available to get quick answers, as well as very detailed answers. Our favorite tools are: Quick and Simple… Keep Reading

LMQ #11: Why Doesn’t Yelp Encourage Reviews?


As a review site, why does it seem that Yelp discourages reviewing? What does Yelp consider legitimate engagement? How do they encourage legitimate engagement over forced/reviewing solicitation?

LMQ #10: Why is Content Shareability So Important?


Why is shareability a buzzword for legal content right now? What does shareable content mean in terms of linking and brand recognition? Can legal content be interesting, engaging and worth sharing?

LMQ #9: How Do We Handle Our Google+ Listing When Moving?


What steps should a law firm take when moving office locations? When should needed listing changes be made? What are the updating priorities regarding website, Google, major data aggregators, and niche directories?

LMQ #8: What Is A Google Practitioner Listing?


What is a Goolge+ Practitioner listing and how is it different for a practitioner compared to a business? Joy explains some of the confusion behind Google Practitioner listings, especially for attorneys. What makes someone eligible to have this type of listing? Should a firm have more than one?

LMQ #7: Is My SEO Paying Off?


Why don’t I come up in a search for my name, location and practice area? How do I evaluate the effectiveness of my SEO? Do ranking reports work? Conrad Saam explains some ways to measure traffic and how to see if your SEO efforts are worthwhile in this “Legal Marketing Questions” video.