Displaying Reviews with Schema

Four and a half stars? Sounds like a good place to eat.

If you are following the proper guidelines for managing your web presence – providing excellent customer service, killing it in the courtroom, and asking clients for reviews – you should be able to build up a small wealth of reviews across the major portals. These reviews help build trust in prospective clients who visit your profiles on Avvo / Facebook / Yelp, and trust leads to conversions, which means the phone rings. But that’s not where the uses of reviews end. Another benefit to multiple reviews is that you can mark them up, essentially putting little signs & labels around the content so that Google and other… Keep Reading

A Beginner’s Guide to URL Redirects

Results of a broken page

Picture this hypothetical website disaster: You are completely overhauling the website for your law firm. You switch domains, implement a beautiful redesign, and migrate all the content from the old site to the new one. One week after launching your new site and pulling the plug on the old one, you notice your traffic has dropped off a cliff and you’re not getting any calls. The decrease in traffic is probably because some of your old pages no longer load. This causes 2 significant problems for your website. When a page is removed, all the authority it has built up is… Keep Reading

Basic Schema for Attorneys

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Have you ever seen a search result that comes with a little extra? These “extra” pieces of information are called rich snippets, and appear when Google decides information is important enough to display directly in the SERPs. When rich snippets from your site appear in search results, they take up more space (blocking out competing search results) and increase the likelihood that a user will click to your site. Google gets the information for this by looking at your site and identifying the important pieces. While it has been pretty successful, it’s best to help Google notice your website as much as… Keep Reading

Online Reputation Management: Dealing with Bad Reviews

A 5-star average can drop to a 3-star average with 1 bad review.

We previously wrote about how to build up good reviews for your firm or practice. If you’re on this page and you haven’t read that post, take a moment to do so. It sets the backdrop for the information here. Unhappy customers are a part every practice area, and you can get negative reviews even if you do everything you can to keep your clients successful and happy. But negative reviews can hurt. It only takes one client in a particularly foul mood to rank you 1/5 on Yelp, tanking your rating and likely hurting the success of your firm. There are a… Keep Reading

Online Reputation Management: How to do Reviews

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Reputation management is yet another candidate in a long list of considerations you need to take into account when managing your online presence. In addition to proactively keeping your citations correct, building links, posting fresh content, structuring your site, and on and on, it can be tiring to know there’s one more thing that threatens to undermine your hard work and past successes. But anyone who tells you marketing is easy is a liar. There’s a reason this is our job.   What is reputation management? Why is it important? The concept of reputation management is as simple as it… Keep Reading